WTB Hacked 360 PCB

If you would, please tell me the price including shipping (cheapest possible shipping please).

i’m interested in one also…If someone has one, pm total price thanks

I’m surprised no one has come up to help you guys out. I would think chippermonkey would be a good guy to ask. He pad hacks a lot. If by chance he doesn’t help you out, you can ask me. But ask him first. He’s usually cheaper than me.

Obviously this kind of hack would be pretty expensive because 1) the pads are way more pricey and 2) they require a good deal more work especially if you take off the triggers, which means you need to put on resistors.

I personally wouldn’t do it for less than cost of pad + $20 + shipping.


i have a doa pcb i can part with but was wondering how you want it wired since you can’t use a 5 pin connecter for the joystick since there is no common ground.

let me know specifics like what kind of qd’s you want on it and i’ll see if i can do it.

akuma - if those guys don’t take it, pm me. I have a universal PCB that I’d like to hook it up to, and space is at a premium!

Actually, thanks for the responses but RockCho just hooked me up today (like a few hours ago). So, Numbski, the pcb is all yours unless the other guy wants it.

There is a guy (Haruman) at BYOAC that also offers this service.

Forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask, but what is a “hacked pcb” anyway?

Hey… sorry. I have to flake out on my offer. =(

i have a DOA 4 stick how much would that cost to hack & put sanwa parts w/quick disconnects? i was happy w/ the PS1 hacks you did…

Yar, the internet be a harsh mistress.