WTB: Hacked PSX Pad


alright got it. close


If you don’t mind soldering:

ebay: psx pad
use an $8 soldering iron.
solder some wires
and then, you will have saved about $30 from the rip-off shenanigans going on here.


yeah there is a hole in my logic i suppose. i just have a fat soldering tip that’s not very good for pads but i suppose i could just buy a smaller one


Check out TingBoy’s thread. He does great work and cheap. I bought 3 pre-hacked PSX boards from him.


ok it turns out i still need one


I bought a hacked PSone pad from AK a month or two back, I don’t know if he’s still doing the service, but I guess you can PM him and see what happens. He has the PSone DS that is most compatible and he does a quality job, here’s his custom stick thread



I found the original thread for AK’s PSone padhacking service