Looking for a hacked, common ground, PSX PCB that works with an inPin and total control converter.


psx pcbs dont typically work with the inpin


Am I looking for a PS2 controller then?


yup :slight_smile:


Cool, thanks! Good looking out, I’ll probably end up sending some boards to you to hack for me, if nobody has any premade ones they’re selling already. I’m heading out to the store to see if I can get a bundle of used PS2 pads for a steal


That’s wrong, Series H PSone controllers work fine with my Inpin.


I’m not sure which series it is (M I think?) but the ones that don’t work with InPin are the non-dual shock controllers.


Can anyone clarify? I found a couple PSone dual shock controllers for $5, not sure if I should pick them up or not to be compatible with the inPin and total control


The PS1 dual shock controllers work. It’s the digital (no analog sticks) controllers that won’t work.


Cool info, thank you


Well the inpins are out of stock anyway. According to laugh the next ones should be able to do digital pads as well.

Still probably a good idea to go for DS pads anyway.


PSOne DS (analog) , late H model (the one you will see most often) works with Total Control Plus for PS to Dreamcast.

I’d imagine you’re not looking for PSOne hacked pads anymore, but if you or anyone else is, let me know. I have some for sale.