WTB: Hacked wireless xbox 360 pcb

I would like see about having someone hack a wireless xbox 360 controller for a custom joystick I’m having built. It would need to include the harness from a Sanwa JLF-TP-8T. So basically I want the pcb hacked for the buttons on the xbox controller and the sanwa joystick. The button wires would need to have quick disconnects on the other end, so basically I could just put the harness into the joystick, and the quick disconnects into the buttons. Let me know if anyone is able to do that, and we can work out a fair price.

I can do all that. PM me if you are interested.

hozie does great work.

Hozie I pmed you.

hozie is da man

Hozie can do your stuff up like a pro. get it from him when u cant get it from me :woot:

if things fall through w/ hozie, I am working on a hack right now

hozie, I sent you a pm and an email this morning. Just let me know when you get it. Also PM me your aim screen name. I dont have it installed on my computer, but use meebo.com so the link on the site won’t work.

I’ll let you know if hozie isn’t able to do it muffin thanks