WTB: Hacked Xbox 360 PCB

Wanting to buy a hacked Xbox 360 Controller PCB shipped to Colorado. No QD’s necessary.

I’ve got a MC retro with triggers hacked. 45 bucks shipped

That PCB is too big to fit into my controller case. The normal type of controller pcb will fit though. Still looking!

do you need a 6 or 8 buton set up? If 6 I got a MC 4760 pad w/ out the triggers hacked lying around somewhere in my room, so it’s only good for a 6 button. I’ll do the same price as above I guess? 45$ shipped.

ive got a hacked madcatz fightpad for xbox 360. 45$ shipped.

I need all 8 buttons hacked. I also need all the solder connections secured by using a hot glue gun or equivalent. PM sent to Edgar.