WTB - Hacked XBox360 Pad

Looking for hacked XBox360 pad. Preferably an official Microsoft one. Wired with .187 QDs for a Happ stick and buttons.

If you can do or have one send PM with offer.

I might be able to help, if no one offers and you still need it in a week or so, I’ll see what I can do. No worries if I get it done and you already bought one, I can always use it in a premade.

zombie cpt, do you wire all buttons including the triggers? also, what sort of price would you be asking. I would also be interested :slight_smile:

Hey zombie, can you give me a quote and tell me what kind of pad you would use? I probably wouldn’t be able to meet you up this time for a transaction (if you remember the other time heh). I’ve only had one offer so far but want to see what all my options are since I’m not in a rush.

i am also interested as well, but tl613 gets dibs on the first one.

I started on the pad today and just need to order some .187" QD to finish it up. I will probably hot glue the wire as well. This is a official MS wired pad with the early revision of the board(better quality pcb but more pain in the behind to hack.) I tied down the triggers with a 10K resistor and can wire it for a button if you wish. Price is $45 shipped cos the controller is more expensive and harder to hack than a Madcatz one.

Let me know if you want it, if not, looks like there are other people in the thread that are interested. Thanks!

I swear zombie has low self esteem. his work is too good for what he charges!

seconded. i did the math on parts alone on that mayflash mod he just did and he HAD to lose money on it.

and your soldering looks super clean. good job dude.

I’ll take it Zombie :tup: PM me your PayPal info. Thanks.

What buttons are they soldered for other than the 4 face ones? And what’s standard for XBox 360?

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I’ll take it Zombie :tup: PM me your PayPal info. Thanks.


PM sent with details, thanks!

About what I charge, it’s all part of a big conspiracy. I start low and slowing creep up high. By the time I start overcharging, people will still have it in their head that I charge too little. LoL. That or I rather be known as the guy that charges too little for good work rather then the guy who charges too much for crap work.