WTB: happ 360, 2 sanwa 30mm snapin white

hey, looking for used or new p360 happ. old wico edition preferred but newer one’s ok too. and 2 sanwa white 30mm snapin. mainly looking for the happ 360. if you have both for sale is great. but i’m not buying them seperately (meaning 2 different seller). I’ll just the happ360. looking to spend $20-25 shipped for the happ only. and $30shipped for both together.

Just a headsup, you’re not going to find a p360 wico edition for $20-25 shipped… Those are pretty rare and I’ve seen them go for much higher than that.

i got 2 brand new sanwa osbf 30 dark grey ones that came with the TE stick. PM me if u want it.

looking for 2 whites to replace my 2 TE black/grey. I feel a bit weird here, “shrimpnoodles” “shrimp farmer” wanting to get rid of 2 black/grey TE buttons, and you live 10 mins away from me, maybe closer. funny.

do you know anything about the p360 with no brand on it? I have about 3 p360s with no name brand. People said its right before happ took over wico, but i dont know.

nope. but if it’s a p360, it works as it should and you’re interested in selling for the price listed, PM me.