WTB: Happ Cherry Microswitches

WTB: Happ Cherry Microswitches. Part number 95073301. Found on happ pushbuttons and sticks before they changed to the e-swtich.

Will pay 1.50 per switch. I would like to get about 24 or so.

I’m not sure but is this the right part? Ran across them the other day trying to find individual omrons to fix/upgrade an Blaze Home Arcade Twin without putting too much effort into altering the case…

I have seven of these lying around. They are marked with pen and have some solder on a few of the terminals. Let me know if you’re interested in them.


Thanks for the link. I have a couple old D44 like those and they feel really close, but not quite like the happ cherries IMO. It may be just because the ones I have are pretty old though. I may have to order a new batch and see.

Tonepoet, thanks for the link! Actually we have D44X(IL) and KWJA(Happ) in stock. Xqoole if you order the D44X and just send a note to susan@paradisearcadeshop.com she will make sure you get the right parts. Both the D44X and KWJA have the exact same specs, however, they also specify 75 grams actuation force and measured actuation force is definitely less.

Awesome :slight_smile: Sending an order your way…

We’ll probably add them as a separate product this weekend also, but we can get them out Saturday if you order soon!