WTB Happ compatible case or full stick

Been wanting a Happ stick ever since getting rid of my modded x-arcade.

So I am looking for either just an empty case, something incomplete, or a full stick.

Bigger the better :slight_smile: (just not another x-arcadeā€¦buttons were too far apart)

Iā€™ve got a Street Fighter Ann. stick modded with HAPP parts, great condition too.

How much are you looking to spend?

Would like to see a couple pics of it! Price isnā€™t that big a deal, finding the right stick is.

Also I would entertain a trade as well. I have a TMO stick thatā€™s pretty sweet.

How much are you looking to spend?

if you have a couple hundred or more than look for a builder to make you a custom stickā€¦butteroj is a great oneā€¦he will answer questions and help you through the process. there are several on this siteā€¦find one you feel comfortable with and who has a good reputation around SRK.

The benefiets of buidiling a custom stick are you can have whatever button layout you want, whatever parts, art, and there are several other options. Itā€™s definitely the way to go for a stick that will be the way you want it.




Yeah I pretty live in tech talk even though i dont post much and have 6 sticks already and 2 are customs (one that I will never part with even lol). So I am fine with even finding an incomplete stick or tradingā€¦ But thanks anyway.

I may put up the tmo stick for a straight swap for the right stick.

I have a custom comparable MAS Stick w/P360. I will pm u.

PM sent.

I have basic HAPP Stick with a 360 wired controller.

PM me if u r interested.