Wtb happ/il pushbuttons

I would like to buy some happ/IL competition pushbuttons appox 8-10 they can be slightly used

I can understand Sanwa and Seimitsu buttons being a little hard to find and expensive to purchase, but Happ and IL are based in the US and pretty easy to attain.

Happs has Competition buttons starting at $2.30 a piece:

I don’t exactly know where to buy IL buttons, but my first search showed that I could just purchase them at Paradise Arcade Shop for about $2.00 a piece:

-Tha Hindu

Bit ironic that IL parts are cheaper, no?

lol yea i wonder Y

i have 7 green happ (when they were il) lightly used if youre interested. might have some spare blacks if you need em for st/sl.

You can get IL at our site. Happy is always expensive, there are many vendors of Happ buttons that sell for much lower than the Happ website (I know, kind of ironic…)
Also remember, Happs no longer come with Cherry’s, they are E-switch or Zippy.
Our IL buttons come with the option of Zippy’s(2.00) or Cherry’s(2.25).
Pricing will probably go up on the IL buttons soon since our supplier has upped their price(Happ also just increased their pricing too).
So order soon! :slight_smile:

paradise is your site? fuckin awesome.

hey to break it to everyone. But Mr lj313bm here has already got the buttons he needed.

yea ive got some from Poon wit the IL comp stick, But i was gonna order that
Sanwa JLW-TM-8 Joystick from u guyz but there sold out :frowning: