WTB: HAPP Joystick for XBOX 360!



Happ Competition Joystick
Happ Convex Buttons
6 Button American Layout (no other buttons on face)
Xbox 360

plz showz meez whatz yooz gots? :china:

(ps: if anyone needs reference for me as a buyer…just ask “kasprfoto”…I just bought a modded ex2 hori stick from him)


no need! feedback speaks for itself good sir =) good luck with your search!


u should buy his happ stick :slight_smile: but his has 2 button plugs for the fist 2


I was totally considering buying his Happ Joystick but I don’t like the concave buttons :frowning:




its a good thing they’re cheap and easy to sap out!


bump for truth