WTB: Happ Parts


hello, i am curently looking into buying some happ parts. Mainly buttons, and cherry switches, both Snap Switches and Snap Switches with Straight Actuators. I have a seimitsu LS-32 for trade if you are intrested. Please pm me or post on here. thank you


i have happ convex buttons with switches that i can trade but i have no idea what you mean by “Snap Switches and Snap Switches with Straight Actuators.”


The straight actuator are the ones that are used for the joystick itself. How much would
You sell me 8 or whatever amount you have for? Are they cherry switches?


You should get iL parts instead.

iL use to make the Happ parts, now Happ are cheap chinese made.


where would i get iL parts from?


here you are sir, check out ponyboy!


great person 2 deal with and ships pretty quick! :tup: