WTB: Hayabusa JoyStick


Looking for the Hayabusa JoyStick from the Hori Fighting Edge. If anyone wants to part with them, send me a pm.

Looking also for SF Kid Robot : Balrog Akuma and M. Bison


bump. anyone?


Just curious, which one is the Hayabusa stick? Is that the same thing as the Hori fighting edge stick, with Hayabusa parts?


Yup, that’s the one.  You do know it’s still being sold on Amazon, right?  $200 shipped, and Prime eligible if you’re a member.


yeah just the stick if anyone doesn’t want it and just plainly prfers sanwa which the members here most do.


bump, added WTB stick for 360


added cd’s for ps3 & xbox 360 I want to buy.


updated want to buy mobile phone.




Edited and bump. still looking. help guys!


edited with “LOOKING FOR Tales of Graces F” and 50$ PSN card




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help anyone? I’m willing to negotiate.


I am noticing that the Fighting Edge parts are popular lately, what is the reason for this?


I’ve tried seimitsu sanwa crown and myoungshin sticks. The only ones I’ve really liked using is sanwa and crown. Want to see if it’s as good as these two.


I Just bought the hayabusa and kuro buttons and the buttons are sorta weak. they started to make sqeaky noises. they have a slightly bigger plunger and smaller rim than the sanwa. the hayabusa stick feels like a mix between seimitsu and sanwa. it feels hollow like a seimitsu but more clicky than a jlf. the square gate seems slightly smaller than the jlf. if you want my opinion i would only invest in this if you like seimitsu sticks. the kuro buttons work with sanwa silencers and sanwa switches.

the hayabusa can house standard switches like cherry and zippy. but you will have to do some soldering

hope this helps you decide.


thanks for the info man.


bump. still looking.