WTB: HDBox Pro revision 2

I’m looking for a HDBox Pro, new or used, to play my PS2 on my monitor. Just so there’s no confusion, there are two models of the HDBox pro; the old model, and the recent revised model. You can read more here.


I’m only interested in the newer model, as that adds extra features that would be useful, such as sharpness, dark detail, ect.

I’ll pay $60 shipped. Please PM me if anyone wants to sell one. Thanks.

if i’m reading correctly,


the official makers sell it for $71 USD shipped correct?

you’re just lookin for a cheaper/used one? or are they selling a completely wrong revision?

just curious, i think i’d be interested too

I’m not certain, but I’d think that the makers are selling the revised version. I’m simply looking for a cheaper one, as my budget is tight.

i’ve got a KWorld converter box if you’re interested. It does HD, SD, S-Vid cable, and has cable input for television. Comes with a remote too. I used it back before I got an HDtv for metal gear online on my ps3 and it worked great.

I’m simply looking for a good transcoder that will allow my PC monitor to accept both interlaced and progressive signals, and HDBox Pro does just that. While I’m not saying the KWorld is bad, I haven’t heard anything about it prior to your post, so I don’t know what to expect of it, wheres with an HDBox Pro, I know exactly what quality I’m getting. Thanks anyway though.

Price bumped up

I’ll now pay $60 shipped for an HDBox pro.