WTB: High Resolution photos of different PCB´s

Need som photos, making some guides…
I need photos for this:

  • Microsoft Wireless Common Ground Xbox 360 PCB.
  • Madcatz TE (First gen PCB).
  • Madcatz TE-S (Second gen PCB).

I need the pictures taken in natural light (outdoors) in makro setting so it is of good quality.
Picture should be taken directly over the PCB, both front and back. PCB shall not be soldered with any wires on it.

I can pay 5US$/PCB. I want 10 pictures of each pcb (5 front and 5 back).
Minimum resolution: 2560 x 1920.
If you can send pictures please send a PM.
I do not want pictures taken with a cellphone please. Thank you.

I can do the original TE.

Thank you. If anybody else have a PCB they can take pictures of please PM.

Hi Per!
i found a looong time ago, pics of the wireless 360 common ground pcb.
they are not taken by me, i don’t even remember where i took them, so gratz to him :slight_smile:
they are also not High Resolution, but it has every signal line in the pic :slight_smile:

Yfrog Album

Thanks for telling me. I need high res pictures though without lines drawn in it. But thanks ;).

Those are by RDC of Xbox-Scene.
He gives high resolution version if asked.

Per, you asked for camera pictures.
But what about scans?


Yes I know I have seen him in those forums, maybe I will contact him…
If scans are good please get some for me if you can, I gladly pay, but please make a test pic first so I know how it looks.