WTB Hit Girl Fight Stick Design


Looking to see if anyone would be interested in helping me with a hit girl template for my custom stick im making. Perhaps willing to pay if price is reasonable. Thanks!

Message me!


Ill make the artwork for you for a little free but, I need to know what a hitgirl is, PM Me.


From Kick-Ass movie/comic.


I’m hoping to paint my stick black and have the hit girl theme. Was thinking the Purple Translucent Seimitsu buttons.

Here is some Hit-Girl pictures.



I was hoping to probably do that black/grey one on the front but it doesnt seem hopeful as I want her colored Hit Girls colors.


Offer still up broski’s


Still loooookin. =)


Still looking to pay someone to design a hit girl template for a custom stick im building.


You should put this in the image mishmash forum or trade.


What kind of custom stick? I need dimensions. And what exactly are you looking for in the design?


I posted in the image forum and was lucky enough to find someone who was incredibly helpful and made art for me exactly as I wanted.


Yeah, I’m taking your advice and trying that now. =)


Heres a sample I made up for you. Let me know if you like it.


Do you have AIM so we can speak? Or yahoo or even MSN? Kind of hard to communicated through this website…


ill whip something up, should be done in a few hours


my screenname on yahoo is empd2. Message me im on now.


ok im all done, heres my attempt. havent picked up photoshop in quite a while :stuck_out_tongue:

my AIM: pencilstartswithp@gmail.com


Damn that is slick, dude.


After a long night of picking your brain here is what you wanted based on your custom board…

Showing the phases I went through so people can see how I did it.


Here is your final piece :slight_smile:


Goddamn, that’s nice. I was playing around with something last night for this, but what you did looks better, I didn’t think of putting the images in the words like that. Only thing I would say is Hit-girl is so small in the corner there, what about enlarging the image? She’d cover part of the words, but anyone looking at the template would know what it is.