WTB Hitbox controller


I’m looking to purchase a Hitbox style controller. Looking for a PS360 one and a PS4 one (might have to pre order online). I’m located I’m Canada but will pay for shipping anywhere in the world. PayPal only.

Still looking!

Fully wired up? What’s your price range?

Looking for fully wired. Price doesn’t matter


I can do you up a hitbox like mine.


Purpleheart and pine case. Brook ps4 PCB which works for ps3/ps4/pc and sanwa buttons for $300 plus shipping. Or $375 plus shipping if you want a Brook Univeral board in it which works for ps3/ps4/xbox360/xboxone/pc.

I’d be willing to let go of my daily driver HitBox TE if you want it:


I’ve had it about 18 months. Custom panel was made by Amp Up Customs when they were still doing orders. Originally had a PS360+ and now has a Brook Universal Fight Board in it with player LEDs on the turbo pad fully functional. I’d be willing to let it go without buttons for $200 shipped (those GamerFingers in there are now impossible to find). Current bezel is grey, but I have red or purple to choose from if you want. Artwork is a sticky laminate from Jasen’s Customs, but I also have a matching plexi if you just want to be able to print something out easily and use it.

I play mostly on a VLX HitBox now, so this has been only getting use when traveling. Let me know if you want more pictures.