WTB: Hitbox for PS3


As the title says I am looking for a PS3 Hitbox. I would prefer it to come with a detachable cable but I would settle for one if it didn’t.
My price range is 150 shipped max depending on the pcb and which generation hitbox it is.


Well it isnt a complete Hitbox…yet…but its a good start:

Hitbox case from Arthong’s Tek-Innovations - It’s brand new,empty, translucent red. $50 plus shipping. Pic 1 * Pic 2 * Pic 3 * Pic 4 * Pic 5


No thanks, I’d prefer a complete one but I appreciate the offer. I was just thinking about going to art and getting a similar case but with a different design. Right now I am having a difficult time choosing a PCB as I want to use an MC Cthulhu but the cheaper alternative is a ZD Rematch with an SOCD Cleaner. Any opinion on which way I should go?


I’d go MC Cthulhu all the way. Accept no substitutes. :coffee:


Thanks I was looking for a cheap alternative but thats gonna end on a sour note if I do. I appreciate the help alot!


Also, check this out: FS: Happ Buttons, UMVC3 (X360), SFxT (X360), and Basic Modding Services

Hasnt answered my post yet, but worth PMing I think :slight_smile: