WTB: Hitbox Panel for Madcatz T.E

so im looking to buy a hitbox panel for an xbox 360/ps3 madcatz t.e. B-boy Tekken (AMP Up Customs) used to do them, but hes no longer in service. Anyone have a spare one or one they’re willing to get rid of?

@“Jasen Hicks” sticks makes them I believe.

Jasen makes them for his own Panzer Fight Stick 2 and the Hori VLX. He’s been looking into other platforms, but given how legacy the TE is, I doubt he’ll be doing those anytime soon. Arcade Forge has them here:


I’ve been told those button holes are a tad on the loose side, so you’ll want screw-in buttons instead of snap-in. That could have changed by now, but if you’re buying buttons for it, I’d wait until you have the panel first and double-check before putting in an order.

You’ve got PM.