WTB: Hitbox Panels


I have a couple of sticks laying around i’d like to mod into hitboxes

Im looking for hitbox panels for

Original Madcatz TE
Madcatz Vs. Stick
Hori V4

if you have any for sale or can link me to a place where i can buy them i’d appreciate it. thanks


ArcadeForge.net sells a couple variants here: http://arcadeforge.net/Arcade-Stick-Faceplates:::28.html

I’ve not personally used any of theirs (all of mine were custom fabbed), but reports I’ve heard is that the holes are a bit on the loose side and you’ll want screw-ins for them.


Thanks RageousX, I’ll head over to their page ASAP

Thread still open to any people who want to sell their panels


You can probably get a plexi panel replacement from http://www.tek-innovations.com/arthobbies/?loc=products&cat=11. Just inquire about having the Hit Box layout applied and I’m sure it can be done.