WTB: Hitbox

Don’t care which one as long as it’s PC compatible. Located in Orange County, CA.

I have one I’d be willing to part with…I’m getting ready for SFV and I’m switching back to stick…it’s a black tek case…if you reply with your email or any other contact information I’ll shoot you some pics…if you are interested we can talk price…

Email me at kamioo@gmail.com and we can open up discussions.


I could have swore I had a picture handy…I’ll send you a couple tonight

There are a couple of eBay auctions going on right now for used Hitbox branded “sticks” that are much less than the MSRP.

Currently following a few, but thanks for the feedback.

Are you still looking for a hitbox? I have the multiconsole one with the ps360+ if so.