WTB Hitbox


I want to try out a hitbox, see if it works for me.
Probably not the official one, as it seems too big to be convenient
Would like ps3/ps4 and if possible the ability to customize art
Have paypal and will pay for shipping from anywhere in US.


Damn I thought I would be spoiled for choice.
If nobody has one for sale is there someone who could build me one?
Or should I seriously consider the official one?


i have some blank cases that don’t have button layouts yet if you’re interested. the mahogany case is the only one that has a layout so far.WTS: Various Custom Arcade Stick Cases and....Soaps?- $35-50 Each Shipped (U.S Only) Check 1st Post


I don’t think the official ones are worth it. You are better off making one yourself by either this guys cases or using a TEK case.