WTB: HnK Bonus DVD & 3rd Strike Limited Edition DVD


***BOUGHT***So as the title says, looking for an original 3rd Strike Limited Edition DVD w/ case, must be in good or better condition, and have no playback issues. Willing to pay $60 shipped. Will also pay $100 for both DVD and Mook.

Also want an original Hokuto no Ken bonus DVD that came with the game at launch. Must have no playback issue. Willing to pay $20 shipped.

PM me if interested. Also must be able to supply pics of the item.


1 month bump. Price increase. Come on, there must be someone out there willing!


2 month bump. If it is okay with the mods I will keep bumping this thread from time to time and hopefully I get lucky.


3 month bump. It’s that time of the month again! I can see myself doing this for the next year :frowning:


4 month bump. sigh


this are very rare games to find, people can get more then $150 in eBay just 4 3rd strike


I’m curious is this tournament footage? I think I saw a 3rd strike one on ebay.


I don’t know but i will pay $100 if I found it.


I don’t care about the whole set. I just want the DVD. The whole set will go for $100+. And no it is not tournament footage. It’s only a tutorial.


6 month bump. Price increase. :slight_smile:


Price increase again and probably for the last time. $60 for DVD or $100 for DVD+Mook. Or if anyone wants to negotiate that is fine too.


Can you give me a link to what it looks like. I might be able to find it over here in Okinawa.


I got book and the DVD some where


I got the DVD & 3s Puzzle box.

if your want them.


could i get a closer picture of the puzzle box without your finger on it? :slight_smile:


here you go :wgrin:


is the tut any good? or do you just want it to have it?


Pretty sure you can find the DVD-rips on combovideos.com or on youtube. But the main reason is I just want to have it :slight_smile:

I’m still looking for the HnK Bonus DVD is anyone has it!!!


There must be someone out there that is willing to sell the HnK Bonus DVD!