WTB: HnK Bonus DVD, Tougeki Guides, TX Showdown tapes

Looking for an original Hokuto no Ken bonus DVD that came with the game at launch. Must have no playback issue. Willing to pay $20 shipped.

Also looking for Tougeki Official Guides for years 2005, 2006, and 2007. Must be in excellent condition. Willing to pay $50 each.

Last but not least, old school Texas Showdown VHS tapes. Think they made them for TS1-3 but correct me if I’m wrong. Tapes must be original and have no playback issues. Willing to pay $60 for each set.

PM me if interested. Also must be able to supply pics of the item.

Also WTB Evo2k4 SC2/VF4 DVD for $20 shipped.