WTB Hori DOA4 stick.money no option

yea it already i thought id post my first thread here.ehr um ill pay well almost anything non modded id rather have the fun of doing it myself but yea i need this ill pay any price just well hopefully not get someone wanting 300 dollars or something but yea name ur price most likely ill say yea to it its rather urgent :slight_smile:

if you don’t care what you pay for it, i’m sure you can get one on ebay right now.

ive tried id rather have a buy it now than an auction thing i saw one 2 days ago 70 buxx as soon as i click buy it now someone already had bought it first!! plus id say this is better and ppl are d!cks on ebay plus theres like only 3 on right now atleast here id know more ppl have it. :tup: but yea ill pay anything paypal tho money orders have sometimes gotten “lost” or never delivered hahaha

If you want, I have one for $115… :stuck_out_tongue:



it sucks on ebay right now because of some dude named delcarmen bidding like $100 on every single one.

i should have gotten one last week for like $26

pm sent anyone else please give me offers as i sayed i urgently need it and yea ill buy 2 then or whatever money is no option just well as long as its resonable

I got one with a premium 360 bundle on ebay, ten games (three of which being collector’s editions), the webcam thing, extra controller, DOA4 stick and some other crap for $500

lol. this was a few weeks ago. So, I will probably sell my DOA stick for the right price. Has its box too, which I wasn’t expecting.

I have one for $110 shipped

pm sent

haha buy em all dude

modded 130 shipped.

But I hope you realize how hard those things are to mod. I’ll have a guide on how to mod a doa4 stick up in a bit though.

OMG… you’re telling me… I’ve been trying to finish this mod for a while… I guess you have to bend the button tabs to get everything to fit inside???


ima be doing this for him

Yeah the DOA stick is pretty dificult to mod…its super thin and the tabs are a real pain…but I got my DOA for $23 so complaints I have is just me being Nit-picky

I have a few of them if you are still in need. Just PM me.

Upper, I PMed you offer that might be interesting. Let me know if you’re interested.

so yea i already purchased a stick from final_cut anyone else have another one their willing to part with? :slight_smile:

Check your PM. I sent you an offer for my stick.

mod? o_O how do i mod it, i want to put in a JLF with an octagon gate in mine.