WTB: Hori ex2 case only, SE case only and misc arcade cases

These cases must have the metal control panels in good condition and i would preferably like to have the case to be in good condition but if it is not to bad I am still cool with it.

Really looking for a hori ex2 case right now and and madcatz SE case right now. If you have other arcade cases avalaible then you can also email me and we can talk.
So go ahead and make me offers of cases you want to get rid of.
Email LLC@TheGameSurgeons.com
email please no pm

I have both of what you want.
I have the third too; VLX.

Oh you person you, are you looking to sell them or to help a brotha out. hahah

The VLX, I don’t think you would want to buy.

The other two I can selling.

Check out my FS thread in my signature. Let me know what your interested in. Good luck

Let me know how much you want to sell the cases for, Right now someone has offered me both of the cases for $35 shipped which is the best deal i have gotten so far

The link in the thread is dead, most likely because of the update srk had

Hey if you are still lookin for cases i may be able to sell you an ex2 case or better yet trade for a V3 Panel. :smiley:

This really has nothing to do with me, but if you change around old SRK URLs a little bit, you can fix links. The thread that B-boy Tekken posted is now here: FS: Mad Catz TE S PS3 w/box, HRAP 2, other cases, Buttons, and extra parts. Cheers.

What’s up with the VLX case? I’d possibly buy it.

I have an SE case thats a little beat up and painted black. With some TLC, you can probably make something out of it. Let me know if you are interested.

Already bought the Se Case and EX2 case.

OK Guys now I am looking for A Namco Case and the dreamcast agetech Case
LMK if you anyone is interested in selling.

Also does anyone know how to change the title