WTB: Hori EX2 Stick

Hey guys,

I got my brother into fighting games recently, and we picked up SF4 when it was $20 at Gamestop, and just downloaded MvC2. He liked playing on my arcade stick, and wants one for himself for recreational play.

I know the EX2s were $40, but closest one to me is in Connecticut. Anyone have a 360 stick available for a similar price?

I just ordered one from amazon.com for 50 bucks brand new, it will be here by friday

my ex2 x button just died so i went that route

Same deal on buy.com and ships free.


I was just at a Fry’s electronics and saw a Shopping cart stocked of the things going for $50 each.

Ill change my offer to 50 shipped, has the clear bubble top and octagon gate!