Wtb Hori ex2 xbox arcade stick


as title says im looking for ex2 hori

+Sold Items+
-TinTin: Sold to klr.b
-Hop: Sold to klr.b
-Muppets: Sold to klr.b
-Hannah: traded to CI581
-Muppets: Sold to heddtrauma
-Starwars saga bluray: Sold to Tim_Static
-Starwars saga bluray: Sold to StriderJin
-Game of thrones: Sold to StriderJin
-Immortals 3d: Sold to StriderJin
-starwars saga bluray: Sold to salthekat
-mario kart 7: Sold to the_judge
-nba2k12 : sold to fujifilm
-zelda 3ds : sold to Tim_Static






new stuff added


price drop


price drop and more stuff.


mario kart and nba2k12 sold


new stuff


prices including shipping?


pics are up.


Interested in the blurays and mass effect 2. Can we do a combo deal? And bonehead question: The immortals 3d has a 2d disc also correct? Digital copy?


wtb hollow shaft paradise arcade has it but its 16 dollars shipping :frowning:


wtb octo gate insert only


Are you still looking for one? I have an extra complete gate I’d be willing to just send you for no cost so you can take out the insert. Hit me with a message.


update. more stuff


price drops pics are up


anything else your looking for trades?


Im looking for octo gates, hollow shafts, sanwa buttons ( blue, pink, clear) ps360s or paewang and kid robot ken.

:smiley: what movie your interested anyways?


did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:


Starwars , game of thrones and immortals sold

hannah pending for C1581