WTB: Hori EX2

Looking to buy a hori ex2 for a buddy of mine.

Used in good working condition. Or new.

I will pay via paypal today. $60 Shipped. Id prefer from california for faster shiipping but w/e is available is fine.

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Upped Price willing to pay.

Willing to pay via paypal $60 Shipped.

New or In Good Condtion, Pics if possible, pm me asap. wanna get this deal done tonight.

why didnt you buy it from that one guy Cameron? Oh well ggs tonight

I Wasnt in time to buy it, he said by like 2pm and ive been a bum late, waking up really late, anyway fuck zangief. :rofl:

i still want an ex2 willing to pay tonight via paypal!

Close this, got a stick, thnx bullet1231

Looking for a Hori EX2/DOA/SC4 as well. Would like it to be New or in great condition and willing to pay $60-70 depending on how it looks. Pics please. PM me if you have an offer.

Also looking to buy a Hori EX2/DOA/SC4/SF4 SE stick

will pay decent price!


Im also looking for a new or in good shape hori ex2…we can negotiate price…

Also looking to buy a hori ex2