WTB : Hori EX2

I am out of projects to work on so I decided that I will try doing to do a pretty heavy mod to a Hori EX2. If you have one and want to sell, let me know. I prefer the non-game branded ones, but I’ll take the DOA and / or Soul Calibur versions if I have to. No serious damage to the outside please. The stick must be fully functional. Lowest offer gets my money, but I won’t go over $50 shipped.

i have a brand new one, hell i hadn’t even opened the box until a week ago, that i’m selling for 50 shipped. but if it’s a project stick you are looking for you may not want a new one.

Yea, let me check out the other offers I have and then I’ll make a decision. One guy says he’ll sell me for $20, but it has damaged buttons. I will find out what kind of damage he is talking about then we’ll see.

Ill sell you a perfect working ex2 with a sanwa Jlf inside (no shaft though) for 50 shipped. let me know.

It’s a nightmare mod…good luck.

I know… and you can’t imagine what I am going to attempt to do to it. If I get it done, I am not selling it for cheap at all!!!

I may have a stick, if it falls through, I’ll let you all know.

I’m selling one already modded up, it is good experience.

pm sent

I have this already. Mods please close. :smile: