WTB Hori Fighting Stick 3 for ps3


As thread title states, I’m interested in a ps3 Hori Fighting Stick 3.
I want to see if anyone here on srk has one they want to sell.

I’m reading in a couple of threads of members finding these sticks at local gamestops and ebgames for $20. There are none here at the local game stores ( they never even heard of it ) and online it’s going to be $50 + shopping ( play-asia, various other sites, amazon doesn’t have it, none on ebay for cheap ).
So maybe someone could ship me one of these “used $20 HFS3 at gamestop” ?


I may be able to find one. Can you hack the FS3 stick/pcb? We might be able to work something out :slight_smile:

i dont think you are ever going to find a FS3 for $20. just order it from play asia or from a more local place.

I want to get one so I can start to learn how to mod sticks because it’s one of the cheaper sticks out there.
I was going to start with buttons, then stick, then art… then maybe turn it into a project box stick.

Trust me, I’ve looked locally. The guys at 2 of my gamestops have never even heard of it, as in they have no idea that such a thing exists… I’m in the south !!! All they know is xbox360 and halo !!!
I even called them up the day Arcana Heart was released and 2 of the stores said they would never get the game in stock, next day I go over to the two stores and they have Arcana Heart games all over the fucking walls. They piss me off so much…

I would order it from play-asia, except the shipping is expensive and would take 5-7 days to get here. I’d rather ebay or buy used for much less, especially cause this will be my first mod attempt.
Thank you for the suggestion though, appreciated.

I know for a fact that my local Gamestop has one. It is $29.99 though. PM me or something if you are interested.

I could sell you one that is practically new (I’ve only used it for about an hour) for $40 shipped. Let me know if you are interested.

Here’s a pic

I’m going to go with brightson’s stick.

Thank you everyone who checked out this thread.

Just got the stick, it only got one day to get here.

Thanks to brightsons !

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