Well think I somehow shorted mine out, so need a new one. Let me know what you have and how much. Paypal verified.

i’m no pro but i heard hori fs3 pcbs suck. if i were in your situation, i would get one of them chuthlu boards.


does it turn on?

I would get one the chuthlu boards but dont feel like waiting a month to get one.

Yes it turns on fine and plays fine, problem is L2 button is not working. Tested w/ multimeter getting power to all buttons except L2 of course. The leads that feed L2 no power either. But when turbo switch is turned on or off a L2 command is input, and if turbo is left on and L2 button is assigned to turbo it will repeatedly input the L2 command. Wierd $hit.

how much are you looking to spend on one?