WTB Hori Hayabusa + Hori Kuro buttons (black x6)

WTB Hori Hayabusa work joystick (just the lever) from fighting edge stick <-- me want this most
WTB 6 Kuro buttons from fighting edge stick (you probably only have 4 or 8 so i will take as many as you have


How much are you looking to spend for the restrictor/bat top/shaft cover?


Normal restictors and bat tops go for like $5 a pop. So $10 + shipping?

I’ll have mine out as soon as I can talk to pdp about some stuff

Cool. Still looking. So just let me know. Thanks 2 all!


No one has a Hori Hayabusa they want to sell? =(

Still looking =(


still need everything.

Hey brother, head over to the MvC2 fb page. I’m pretty sure you will be able to nab that MAS plexi no problem there. It’s the highest density of MAS sticks per capita anywhere on the internet. :slight_smile:

update: emailed MAS. They said they can make me one. Still looking for fighting edge parts.