WTB Hori Hayabusa Joystick


Hello, I want to buy a Hori Hayabusa Joystick here because the Hori USA website apparently doesn’t ship their products to Puerto Rico. I’m willing to offer more than what it costs on the site to buy, as long as the joystick hasn’t been modded or anything. Offering $50 + shipping to Puerto Rico.


You don’t have enough posts to start a thread here.


The rules say I cannot sell or trade if I have less than 50 posts, I can buy though, as long as I send payment first which I will.


My bad, bro. I hope you find someone to get you one. It’s pretty amazing.


No problem, and thanks!!!


Since no one seems to be offering, I’ll offer $50 + shipping to Puerto Rico. Thats $20 profit since they cost $30 on the Hori site.


Hit me up in a PM. I’ll broker it for you.