WTB: HORI Real Arcade PRO.3 Premium VLX

like the title said, please pm with details/pics/price. thank you!

hakdizzle has one for sale.


Umm no he doesn’t

i was lucky to get one and this was from japan auction. i dont know if play-asia or Akaha will get those sticks in for pre-order.

Did you get it yet? Post up some pics and impressions.

Sadly not yet, it hasnt arrive at japan base then it has to be ship to me after and will take another 2 to 3 weeks.

hey meus how much did you end up winning it for. Im looking for one my self.

oops my bad. Premium hes look for.

yeah they sold out everywhere, was hopin anyone in the states grabbed one

there was one of each system when i checked a few days ago i doubt many people in the states got their hands on these outside of auctions but i could be wrong

I got one for 33,000 yen so round 340 dollars plus fees so my total come to 380 dollars for the vlx stick. I checked again and there isn’t one round for now.

true I have looked again not find any right now.