WTB: Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 SE


Anyone willing to sell me this stick? I cannot find it anywhere.


The stick doesn’t even come out until June 25th, and then you’ll have to import it. You’d be better off buying a HRAP 3 and putting the Seimitsu stuff in there yourself, if you want one that bad.


It came out already.
Last year.

2009 man, not 2010.


It’s kinda hard to find one. I tried to get two but Hori.jp would only sell one per customer. your best bet is to know somebody in japan and try to get one offa yahoo auctions.jp


Yea, might be too hard to find one. Was hoping someone who got one in the states would want to sell it. I don’t know anyone in Japan so…


hopeless bump…



Thought I found it, but it wasnt the right stick. Sorry bro.


darn… thought someone found something :confused:


$145, five hours left.

Use a Deputy Service.
But I don’t think you can with this little time.

You think this guy from Hawaii still has?


I don’t know how to do the Japanese auction thingy… but I messaged the other person. Thanks for the info.


Why not just buy a HRAP3 SA and replace the buttons and stick with Seimitsu? It’ll probably be cheaper and will look identical except for the printing on the panel. I’ve thought about doing this myself.


The thing is I just want that stick for the panel with the printing.


Got something good for you.

That was two hours ago from this Post.

This Post typed on January 31, 2010.
Go get it champ2447!


Thanks for the heads up =)


Bump still looking…


Man, you still looking?
I was hoping you get one.

What happened to Obi-won-drunkobe?