WTB: Hori Real Arcade Pro Premium VLX (ps3)

Only thing I have for trade (in addition to $$$) is a Hori V3-SA in mint condition w/original box. I prefer it to be bone stock so don’t need it dual-modded. If you have one to sell/trade then PM me the following info:

  1. Condition & how long you’ve owned it? If any damage then what? Japan or USA version?

  2. Price shipped to Plano, Texas?

  3. Pics of yours (not just pics from Hori/Amazon’s website, LOL)?

FWIW, I’m sure everyone knows Hori USA & Amazon sells it for $300 shipped. The best way to get ahold of me is thru PM since for some weird reason I don’t get notified of posts on any threads, thx!

willing to sell the V3-SA?

Not for now. I’d like to get a HRAP VLX before I sell the V3-SA (assuming I can get one). I’ll PM you when I’m ready, thx!


Ok folks, I’ve gotten a few PM’s about this already even though it was posted (in bold) in the 1st post of this thread…I don’t need it dual/tri modded since I’ve only gotta PS3.