WTB: Hori Real Arcade Pro Travel Bag + Mad Catz Tatsunoko vs Capcom Fight Stick + HRAP4 Kai Box

Willing to pay up to $50 shipped. Please I need this in my life, haha.

This is what I’m looking for in case anyone needs verification…


Also looking to buy a TvC Fight Stick for Wii. Willing to spend around $60 shipped. Doesn’t have to be in perfect shape but looking for one with a box and in good shape.


Looking to buy the retail box for the HRAP4 Kai as well, haha. I need it complete with the packing material it originally came with.

which one? the huge VLX one?

Yeah that one I guess.



Not to hijack this thread but after Exprima gets his I’d be interested in one as well (also to fit a VLX).

Or if anyone knows a retailer who has them in stock that’d be great too.

Yes, that. Haha.

Let me go through my storage. I think I have an extra one. But I remember there was someone here on SRK thats been asking one for a while and even left it in their quote. I can’t quite remember who it was though

Pleaaase lemmi know, haha.

I know I’ve had my WTB for HRAP bag for about a year now, ha ha. I mostly gave up on it.

Updated the OP with other stuff I’m looking for.

I have a Tatsunoko Stick, depending on where you are we could work something out. PM me

Still looking…

Hori need to do a re-run of these bags, especially with all the VLX’s that came after the OG one… should we start a petition? Maybe we can get them to do some shit with Arcade Shock?

They could also make a smaller variant for standard HRAPs and backpack straps.

Not sure why you guys don’t just get SplitFrame Transporter XLs. I have my trusty VLX sitting in one right next to me here.

cause it looks like shit, yeah I said it.

The SplitFrame bags look like older Booq stuff, which I like. The only thing I would change is make the large SplitFrame logo much smaller, or non-existent. To reference Booq again, they usually just have a small tab with their name / logo attached to a seam somewhere.

I own 2 of these carry cases actually but considering the rarity, I don’t think I or anyone else will part ways with it for $50. It retailed for $39.99 brand new almost 6 years ago.

@aszyd sold his for $40 shipped a few weeks back.

Well that was the deal of the century price for whomever got that one. If you ask @aszyd , hella people PM’ed him the millisecond he posted that he had one for sale.