WTB Hori Real Arcade Pro Travel Bag


any offers? pM me

thank you


LOL, was exchanging emails with a forum-sponsored vendor just now regarding this bag as I’ve been searching forever for it as well! Besides here in the TO, I don’t know where else to get it since Hori’s sold out & no longer in production. And no, I can’t justify the $80+ listings on eBay either. For an arcade stick that’s similar in size to a Qanba Q3/Q4 (HRAP V3-SA, etc.), might I suggest the Qanba bag? Vendor said it’s the best on the market with double foam padding.


the Qanba bag wont’ fit a Q2 Pro, I’m guessing a Fighting Edge won’t fit either


There not going to make this bag anymore? That doesn’t make any sense, how in the world are you supposed to transport a VLX as this was the only bag that would fit it. Well I guess I am glad I bought the bag’s for my VLX’s when they had them…this just doesn’t make sense though.


Makes sense since the vlx isn’t in production anymore. Only one available are the diamond vlx and thise are sold inlythrough amazon japan or arcadeshock.


Yup, I was just going to say probably no longer in production since the VLX is no longer in production as well (besides the VLX Diamond).