WTB : Hori Real Arcade VLX Edition for XBOX 360

I am looking for the VLX Special Edition Hori Stick that just came out. I am aware of the price of this beast, so if anyone has one they want to make some cash off of, please PM me.

and so the hunt begins. good luck with the find!

hey If you want one bad get a proxy to order you one, Im getting mine for 560 shipped to me…I hope its worth it. I know some sellers on tao bao have them but If i get an extra one ill let you know


holy fuck…you can get a cab for that kind of money.

i want this stick badly too but i wouldnt pay THAT much.

Yea that’s a extra 160 then it would Been shipped for�ꥢ�륢�������ɡ��֣̣�&auccat=0&acc=jp&f=0x12&alocale=0jp&mode=1

act fast 1 day left 2 have no bids 3 for 360 1 for ps3