WTB >Hori VLX Arcade stick


I’m addicted to arcade sticks for some odd reason, and the one I’ve been looking at is the VLX, but I can’t buy any because they don’t make them anymore /:. Anyone willing to sell one? Thank you.


You weren’t kidding when you said complete. That’s the most complete VLX I’ve seen to date. It’s condition is even pristine.


They’re hard to find NOT marked up high in price, period, let alone brand new/pristine level condition!

With the costs I see for some VLX’s, you might as well wait and import the new Amazon.jp blue model releasing in a few weeks. It’s PS3-only but after you pay duties and shipping, it’ll end up costing probably the same as most VLX’s being sold online now…


Okay, my foot is officially in my mouth now…

Good price on the VLX on e-bay! Very good find.
PS3 – get it now IF you want, or regret it!

This will probably be $150-$200 cheaper than getting the new blue VLX shipping from Amazon.jp…


Buy that VLX on ebay right now. I love my dual modded VLX!


I’m trying to get a dual modded one! that one for 400 looked promising…