Let me know if you have one for sale.


have you checked nippon-yasan.com or arcadeshock.com? they have plenty in stock unless you’re trying to find em for cheaper


I’m also in the market for a VLX, and both of those sites don’t have them in stock.


Arcadeshock hasn’t had them in stock since December, actually. Heck, I tried getting one when they were supposedly in stock and was a few seconds too late on clicking “confirm order.”

Additionally, they’ve also been sold out on Amazon.jp since about January, so that’s a dead end too.


I would love to buy a new VLX diamond too. If anyone else has some more info on getting it retail please let us know!

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I have a 1 PS3 VLX thats missing the USB Cord latch I’m willing to part with. I also have a brand new never used 1