WTB Hori Vlx or Vlx Diamond for either 360 or Ps3 please Pm me if you've got one in good condition


Looking to buy either of these sticks I live in the UK but I have friends in the US who you can send the item to.


Wrong thread, you want the trading outlet.

However you don’t currently meet the requirements for it.


None of the noobies ever reads the rules, do they?
I’m thinking most fighting game fans have ADD or something. We’re certainly not a group that really follows directions well in general if we ever bother to read them (most of the time)!

Technically, I think he can still advertise to buy on Trading Outlet.

He just can’t sell/advertise to sell for at least 6 months and 60(?) posts last time I checked. Good rule… too bad it’s still not effective against every crook out there. That includes formerly-in-good-standing SRK members. Me, I’m just upset that past transaction records for eligible sellers/buyers have gotten wiped out everytime SRK revamps the website. I’ve done over 14(?) transactions last I can remember but it’s gone from the record of the website. Lots of people in my boat…


Well thanks for the info I only made my account yesterday as I’ve never actually commented on anything just browsed through the forum.You will have to excuse my terrible mistake for posting in the wrong thread…


3 posts down 57 and and 5 months and 29 days to go =D


You can post WTB before 50 posts.


Thanks INEDNDOi I’ve received loads of Pm’s so the post has served it’s purpose :wink: