WTB: Hori VLX (Red or Diamond)


Hey guys, looking to invest in one of these bad boys. I’m looking for a PS3 model or dual-modded. Out in Hawaii, but can also pick-up/ship to So. Cal as well. Anybody selling?


I got one… Xbox 360 modded with PS360+


I have a PS3 one for sale.

I have a boat and we can meet up somewhere in the Pacific Ocean between SoCal and Hawaii, preferably equidistant from both states.


Have a price you’re looking for? What about yours Truckasaurus?


$365 shipped. You can check it out in my thread:


Looking to get $300 plus shipping, but hopefully we can meet up instead. Jayducky is a great seller though, honestly he has the better deal especially since his price is shipped with shipping included. My VLX comes with a handshake though, I don’t think Jayducky can include that kind of an added bonus.