WTB: Hori VX or VX-SA Main PCB, WTS: XConverter 360 Plus


I’m looking to buy a Hori VX or VX-SA PCB. Send me a PM if you have one and are willing t talk business.

XConverter360 Plus
I bought it from someone that said it was new in box, but the box was pretty beat up when I opened the thing up. It might not have been brand new, but it’s definitely in like-new condition.
$21 Shipped CONUS.

Paypal Verified only please.

Combined shipping rates available.
V3-SA Case Sold
MvC2 TE 360
Sanwa Parts
Voltech Case
SE Case
Neutrik Jack
Samsung Fascinate
MvC2 Dual Mod
Paypal Verified only, CONUS only.

Plz close thread thx

More pictures added.


New item added.


Opening up the arcade stick for trades.
I will take a factory made stick + cash so long as you don’t make unreasonable offers like an SE + $20…


Fascinate Sold. Parting out stick. Added XConverter360Plus.

I’ll listen to reasonable offers, but things are priced pretty reasonably.

279 views but no one’s talking?


Voltech stick no longer available as a whole. Remaining parts left are still listed.


Added MvC2 Stick. Lowered prices across the board.


PM sent




Question: I have a guy in houston that will mod my stick and wanted to know what all do i need to get it done. I want to mod a TE stick and use it for Ps3/360/DC basically a trimod. I know some people have told me that when they modded there’s there is lag so i wanted to get the correct info so i dont run into the same problems. Thanks


Well, I appreciate the bump. If the TE stick is a 360 stick, you’ll be able to use a TE Kitty board for adding PS3 and DC support. I don’t think you’ll find any lag. Toodles works hard to make his stuff solid. To make it so you can change the cord to whatever system you want (TE Kitty will actually let you use it on almost any system), you’ll want to add a Neutrik RJ-45 (network) Jack to that shopping list and make sure your friend has some RJ-45 crimpers and whatnot available.

Honestly though, there’s more than one way to do it and I’m really not sure why you’re just not asking the guy doing it. Either way, I hope that answered your question.

Please direct this kind of thing to the “Tech Talk” forums in the future.


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so is the SE Ps3 or 360?


Oh sorry, It’s 360/


Alright, i might be interested in purchasing the pcbs. Also would you be able to sell the start and back buttons?



The SE PCB you mean? I don’t think I can include the start and back buttons if it’s going to be sold later. If you want the case and the buttons, maybe we can work something out.


Pictures added as requested.


pm sent re: xconverter360 plus


XConverter360 Sold.