WTB: Horror DVDs/Memorabilia

While I own quite a large collection of DVDs, I’m open to anything for sale. DVDs must have original case and be in reasonable (viewable 100% without error) condition.

I didn’t see anything in the rules about making a blanket topic such as this, but if I can’t, please close it. I’m willing to pay from the ground up to $30 for something amazing, but generally $5-$20 range would be reasonable. I’m willing to buy in bulk.

I’m working on a list of what I have, but I figured it’d be easier for people who are already selling or willing to sell to post up their list.

For memorabilia… not looking to spend much really, but post up anything that you think would be interesting.

On DVDs, I’m looking for ANYTHING. Honestly, anything.

Post up or PM me deals, please.

I have a huge list of DVD’s and some games here: