WTB: HP TouchPad (Anyone get lucky buying multiples?)

Several orders I placed got cancelled due to being out of stock. Anyone willing to hook up a fellow SRK’er if they got extras? I don’t care if its the 16GB or 32GB.

If you do, toss me a PM please!

If you’ve got Best Buy’s around you then call them up to check if they’ve got some in-stock since they (& many other vendors) are getting restocks randomly throughout the week. Some will tell you exactly when they’re selling them that day & don’t go by their online availability tracker, it’s not accurate sometimes, LOL! Good luck!

Thanks for the info. Only 1 BB in my area received shipment yesterday and I heard the line was a half mile long. My wife went to check for me still but they were long sold out. Just annoying that I had 3 orders in at different companies and couldn’t get 1 lol.

Ya, it was frustrating for me as well! I was one of the tens of thousands that ordered from Onsale (thru Amazon) last Sunday & got my order canceled. I had to wait in line yesterday at a local Best Buy (I’ve got 8 STORES within 30-mins of me) & got one for my Dad. Now, I gotta search again for 2 more peeps, sigh…

You should send one my way, IMO!

LOL, I just just edited my last post…I meant I’ve got 8 STORES within 30-mins of me, NOT 8 Touchpad’s. :smiley:

Ah ok lol. I’ve pretty much given up looking locally. The only chance I see now is if HP actually restocks like they said. But they would probably do that when I’m sleeping or something lol.

I got extremely lucky again & picked it up from Conn’s. They only had one in-stock…but they force you to buy the bundle (HP Touchstone inductive charger, case & 32gb Touchpad) for $250!!! Ehh, it’s ok because my friend wanted the charger & case which would’ve cost him around the same price on eBay anyway (for the charger & case). BTW, one CSR at a local Best Buy told me as far as she knows, they’re not going to restock it after this week’s inventory but who knows.

Bah, every place I have gone or called basically laugh at you if you ask about the TouchPad. Guess I’ll just see if HP’s site gets them back in. Cus I’m not about to pay double on ebay or anything…everyone wants it cus of the price, if it was so popular, they wouldn’t have discontinued it lol. Ah well, that’s my bad luck. Maybe I’ll just blow some money and get a Galaxy Tab lol.

Yeah, that’s what I got (32gb 4G version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1). If you can justify the price then it’s well worth it! Like the mickeyD’s commericals…I’m loving it! Haha!!! The Touchpad’s great if you’re just wanting something to browse the net (you can disable/lower data logging & it’ll be noticeably quicker in addition to overclocking it). However, if you’re wanting a tablet pc with tons of apps (like an iPad 2) then I don’t recommend this at all regardless of price.