WTB: HRAP 1 (PS2) non-tekken

Hey guys,

I’m looking to buy a Real Arcade Pro with rising layout. (all rising towards the right).

If you’re familiar, the one that Desk has used in his past videos as a reference point.

Price can be negotiable.

PM me if anyone has one.



http://sdtekken.com/tech-area/arcade-sticks/hori-real-arcade-pro-ps2/ you mean the one that looks like this one? mirror top or non mirror top? I think I may have one in excellent condition still in the box. How much would you be willing to pay?

Yes that model.

PMed Detais

I have a mirror top one all sanwa if you are interested.

How much would you be asking for it?

If so, what kind of condition is it in?

Its in perfect working order no damage. Just the usual wear on the top from playing… Looking for $125.