Wtb:hrap 2/hrap 2 sa

Hello all, pretty new to fight sticks been using a controller this whole time and ive really been searching for a HRAP 2 forever and i know they are discontinued or so i’ve read. So if anyone has one they are willing to sell or offers a dual mod… Which i think lets me use a ps3 fight stick on my ps2 id be happy for either or thank you.

Are you looking for a stick specifically for the PS2? If so, ibeatu has a modded T5 stick for PS2 in his sale thread that would probably work for you. Check it out here:

You can also use it on the PS3 & XBOX 360 via converters from etokki:
Xtokki http://www.etokki.com/Xtokki%20360
iNPiN http://www.etokki.com/iNPiN%20PS2%20to%20PS3%20Converter

Good luck! :smiley:

^ ^ Thank you he sent me a link to it earlier~ thinking about getting it appreciate the links! :smiley: