Wtb: Hrap 2

I originally planned on buying a HRAP2 from this auction on eBay. As the auction still states, this seller allegedly had hundreds of HRAP2’s in stock. He’s a power seller, so I figured this guy stocked up on 'em or something.

Assuming that this auction would stick around awhile, I decided to take him up on his “buy 1 item get 10% off the next item” offer. So I buy a $12 item from his store, which I get in the mail a week or so later.

I then take the coupon out of the box and log online to purchase the HRAP2.

As luck would have it, and to my surprise, I get this “Item has ended” notice after loading up the auction page. I’m thinking, “Huh? The auction clearly states that he still has 490 left.”

I write the guy and he tells me that the sticks are out of stock and that they sold too fast for him to be bothered updating his auction at least once per day.

(Shakes head in disgust)

I realize it’s a long shot, but if anyone here has a spare HRAP2 that they’re willing to part with, please let me know.

I’m not actually selling one so this may or may not be useful, but I got an HRAP2 this week from this website: http://www.tmove.net/index.php/component/page,shop.product_details/flypage,shop.flypage/product_id,254/category_id,4/manufacturer_id,0/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,30/

Totally legit and brand new. It came in the original Hori brown factory box with the red writing on the outside. Then inside you find the white box etc etc with the stick wrapped in original blue plastic wrapping. I have no idea if the price of $89.99 can be considered steep, but I just saw Hori Real Arcade Pro 2 and I just had to buy it…No second thoughts!! Definitely worth checking out if you’re having trouble finding an HRAP2. :tup:


How in the world did you find that site, SlipStream_LDN? I scoured Google and found absolutely nothing except a few sites that don’t bother to update their inventory.

I even searched Craigslist.

I totally appreciate the heads up. Not only will I have a HRAP2, but it’ll be a brand spankin’ new HRAP2?! Awesome!

Thanks, man.

:pray: <-- Zhoul

I think I can shed some light on that situation. I also ordered a HRAP2 from Vista Products, but the shipments of HRAPs they were expecting were delayed, so all all of their auctions were canceled and gave people, including myself, refunds :-/

Damn…that site makes me wish I hadn’t bought mine brand new for $155 on ebay.

I really have no idea how I found it man…I guess I got lucky somehow. The only bullshit I had to go through was getting charged around 25($50) by UK customs to claim the package, if you’re in the US it’s all good I suppose. I do recommend though that when you do get your HRAP2…MOD IT. I’m pretty sure you know that already though right?

Anyway, if you want any pics of outer packaging as proof or anything like that, just let me know.

Thanks for the recommendation Slip, I ordered mine last night, and the tracking number shows its going to arrive tomorrow, FedEx saturday delivery ftw! I can’t wait! :wgrin:

So did your stick ever show up because I am thinking about ordering a HRAP 2 from them as well.

i’m also going to buy from this site.

Can I get any other confirms (aside from the original user who pointed the site out) that this site is 100% legit and i’m not gonna drop 90$+ only to receive nothing.

Yup, I can confirm its legit. It arrived last Saturday, can post pics of boxes and stuff if needed.

I’ve got a modded t5 stick for sale.

I went ahead and bought it from tmove as well and received it today. The shipping is a little on the high side though ($20 - $50) .